VAMOS! welcomes all who are interested in helping in our many projects.

Because our charter states that every penny we collect goes to the Mexican poor we are not able to offer salaries or stipends.  All our first-world volunteers work at their own expense. Over the years some who wanted to volunteer but were unable to pay their expenses have found sponsors in the their home country.


A volunteer works with a student at Casa Tatic.

For a volunteer to be effective, he or she must be willing to commit to a set schedule and must be able to speak some Spanish. Volunteers are responsible for their own housing and transportation.  People who speak  little or no Spanish, often come to an excellent local language school, Cemanhuac Spanish School and help out in one of the VAMOS! projects for a few hours in the afternoon.  This works out well as long as there is a need for volunteers at that time.

Scouting groups, Church groups, College service programs and other educational and service organizations also have volunteered with VAMOS!  These groups have helped paint buildings, build playgrounds and volunteered at some of our centers.

For more information on volunteering please contact our Director in Mexico, Alejandro Lopez at:

Himno Nacional No. 8
 (Apartado Postal 5-142)
Cuernavaca, Morelos
 62051 MEXICO
 Phone from U.S. : 011-52-777-312-2315