DSC_0372Thank you!
This young girl’s smile says it better than I ever could.

Your donation helped create this smile. And not only this one. Your support creates hundreds and hundreds more just like it.     Every day.

Her name is Lupita.  She is five years old and she is poor.

Keep in mind that you are now connected.

Connected through VAMOS!

Like you, she is a part of the VAMOS! family. And her smile here is the happy result of what happens when human need is met with a loving response – your response.

I hope that brings a smile to your own beautiful face!

Todos Somos VAMOS! – We are all VAMOS!

So on behalf of this young girl, and so many others, and their sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers, thank you so much for your donation.   You should know that without your help and support there would be fewer smiles in this world.

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Every Dollar Donated Goes Directly to the Mexican Poor.

We promise.

Any questions, please e mail me at


Sean Dougherty

Executive Director, VAMOS!

Vermont Associates for Mexican Opportunity and Support