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Your donation to VAMOS! goes directly to help operate our programs. All of our admin costs and US expenses are covered through the Woodhaven Foundation.  In Mexico we hire only local women and men from our colonias to fill all our positions with VAMOS! providing the necessary training.


DSC_0372DSC_0369We purchase all of our food locally and prepare it fresh at our centers.

The average cost of one meal comes to 87 cents.

Your gift of $50 will feed 57 children and women!

Your gift of $100 will feed 115 children and women!


VAMOS! exists only because individuals and groups–people like you–care enough to help the Mexican poor. We receive no support from government agencies nor from official church hierarchies. We do receive support from local churches of all denominations, from religious congregations,  from private foundations and especially  from individuals in the U.S., the U.K., Ireland and Mexico.

Every donation, even the smallest, makes a difference. No board member or volunteers receive salary or support of any kind.

Yes, all donations are tax deductible in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

If you want to help, know how welcome your donations will be, understand that we are a kind of extended family, bound together by a belief that we can and must help the world’s poor. Every member of our VAMOS! family counts.

You can send a check to VAMOS!  PO Box 212  Weston, VT 05161.

Every donation will receive a personal note from VAMOS!

You can also donate through our secure on line donation form below.