Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez

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Open Five Days a Week: Mon – Fri

Average Daily Attendance: 83

Meals Served Last year: 19,470



This young child is working on the number 3 today!


Opened in 1995 when this colonia, in the municipality of Temixco was just getting started, things looked a lot different than they do today.  Families lived in plastic covered or cheap wooden shacks.  There was hardly any electricity and no water - trucks would deliver non-drinkable water to people’s houses and pump it into 55 gallon drums.  But the people who founded this area began their new lives with dreams and determination.  They came to VAMOS! and asked us to accompany them as they set out to build a better life.  And so we did.  The leaders gave us a small plot of land and we built a small community center there.  Now we have expanded it on two occasions! On many days there are over 100 children and mothers here, enjoying a meal, learning and creating beautiful handicrafts.  VAMOS! offers our meals and educational programs here for pre-school through 8th grade.  We also provide medical and dental services and our music and computer classes along with lots of activities for women.

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Students here work on the grade appropriate curriculum every day.


Cooks prepare a fresh piece of fruit to go with every meal.


Meals received from VAMOS! will often be the only true meal of the day for these children.


Women are working on making their own sandals in this workshop.


This workshop for women is on personal safety, a growing concern for many of our mothers.

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Inez is working with our pre-school class in this picture.


This little one is all dressed up today!


This third grader looks like she loves to work on her Spanish!