Casa Tatic



Open Five Days a Week: Mon – Fri

Average Daily Attendance: 76

Meals Served Last Year: 21,460


woman vendor

A woman sells her hand made items outside of Cortez’ Palace in downtown Cuernavaca.




Casa Tatic is our project that is located in downtown Cuernavaca, in “el centro.”  Tatic is a word in the Nahuatl language that doesn’t have an exact translation to English.  ‘Father’ comes close but it’s meaning is more like a loving uncle, someone who cares for you but holds no authority over you.  And that is how the indigenous people who sell their crafts in the nearby plaza, or zocalo, understand the love and care for their children that takes place in our Casa Tatic.  This is, in fact, where VAMOS! was born!  Patty and Bill Coleman, two of our founders, got to know many of the street sellers, saw their struggles and partnered with them in their journey to carve out a better life for their children.  Meeting with the women sellers, they asked if VAMOS! could help them to get a bathroom and if it was possible to help feed their children on days when they were not able to sell enough.  Also, because their children were selling most of the day, and often would not be welcome in the schools, could VAMOS! help their children to learn to read and write.  And so VAMOS! began by setting up a portable toilet nearby and then starting classes and serving meals in the yard of a nearby church.  In 1995 the program was moved to its current site just 2 blocks from the zocalo and today it is packed with children 5 days a week.  We have classes for children from pre-school through 8th grade, serve meals,  have programs for women, provide medical and dental services and have our music and computer programs as well.  If you are ever in Cuernavaca please let us know and you can easily visit and see all of the wonderful love and activities that take place here everyday!



Fourth and fifth graders enjoying a meal.


Some of the women of Casa Tatic pose for a photograph.


A woman hand paints flowers on a pillow case.


Children crowd our computer classes.


Music classes are held once per week here.


Everyone is paying attention during today’s math lesson.