Give The Gift of Empowerment to Poor Women!

Visit one of our 10 Community Centers on any given day and you will find 15 to 50 women gathered in the shade, learning to make jewelry, making baskets, or sewing – embroidering things mostly. Beautiful, detailed birds and butterflies, fishes and flowers transform the lovely natural cotton fabric into unique napkins, tablecloths, pillowcases, blouses and more! If you ask them what they do with these items they will answer in one voice – “sell them.” A large tablecloth might bring 100 to 120 pesos, (about $5 to $6). Pillow cases, t shirts and smaller table covers could fetch 50 to 80 pesos. These might take a week or two to complete, working for two hours a day at our center. And the women are happy to do it!  With the help of our teachers several women have set up their own jewelry businesses! At VAMOS! centers all of the supplies are free, as is the instruction from one of our teachers. Women also receive a good nutritious meal, meet and make friends and once a week get computer lessons too! Plus childcare is right there! Their children are eating and learning at the same VAMOS!center. This financial help will add to the household income which, if someone is employed full time, would be about 400 pesos a week, or about $32. Help us provide this important work along with meals, workshops, medical care and computer classes to hundreds of women every day!

A $100 donation will help 25 women create tablecloths to sell.

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A $250 Donation will cover computer classes for 75 women for two weeks!

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A $500 Donation will buy a laptop for our women’s computer classes.

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