Give the Gift of a Daily Nutritious Meal

Have you ever missed breakfast and then skipped lunch?  How do you feel late in the afternoon?  Maybe a little grouchy? Maybe you can’t seem to get a lot done at work or don’t feel like doing much at home?

What if we only had one meal a day?  Everyday.  Would we be able to work?  To learn?  Be helpful? Be happy?  And yet that is the everyday reality for the children and women who come to VAMOS!  At VAMOS! they are guaranteed to be served one good nutritious meal a day.    And yes you can survive like that.  But it is very hard to thrive like that, to learn or to grow.  The World Bank reports that 15.5% of Mexican children under the age of 5 are stunted by malnutrition. That number climbs to 70% in the colonias where we work.   CHILDREN STUNTED BY MALNUTRITION! Because they were born poor in Mexico.


Your $50 Donation will feed 63 children!

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Your $100 Donation will feed 126 children!

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Your $200 Donation will feed 253 children!

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