She Arrived Hungry and Tired


The woman and her daughter were walking all day.

Throughout downtown Cuernavaca they stopped at shops and she would ask if there was a job available.  Was there any work that she could do?

She needed money.  She would wash, clean, sell, anything. Since she was a child, she had always worked but now she found herself hungry and with no money. 

Finally a shopkeeper asked her if she had gone to the VAMOS! center, Casa Tatic.  Then another woman told her that she should visit Casa Tatic, near the zocalo.  That maybe she could find help there. 

She arrived at Casa Tatic tired and hungry and was welcomed here with a smile, a warm meal, hugs, and people who listened to her.  Her daughter ate and then played with other children in the pre-school.  Our therapist Reyna was there that day and listened to her story. Her husband had taken all of their money and left them with nothing. She was overwhelmed with worry and stress.   So Reyna worked with her and connected her with friends who might be able to help with some work.  She came back the next day and joined the other women eating, sewing, talking and listening to each other.  Her 3-year old made new friends.  It was a start.  A safe place to come to each day to rest, eat and spend time with other women. With Reyna’s help, she would begin to put her life back together.

When Alejandro, our Field Director in Mexico, told me this story it touched my heart on many levels.  Of course I felt sad for the woman and her situation and how unfair it was and how desperate she felt.  But I was also happy that she had found VAMOS!  I was happy that people in town knew that she could find help here and so proud of our staff who would open up their hearts to her to make sure that she felt welcomed, and safe and loved.  And so thankful for the support of so many people.   Your generous donations do so much good for so many people.  Mothers and children who have nowhere else to turn, feel your care and concern for them.  Thank you for your support.

Without you, VAMOS! could do nothing.